humidity – Conformal Coating on Raspberry Pi

I’m planning to build a security camera with a Raspberry Pi 4B in it with the camera being an IR camera I found online. Being a security camera, I’m planning to put it outside my house. Where I live it’s relatively dry, but there can still be quite a bit of condensation going on and still have drops of water/snow still finding its way inside the camera enclosure (which only has some ventilation holes on the bottom side). I’m afraid that the water in the enclosure can form on the Raspberry Pi and might end up causing damage to the traces or a short-circuit. To prevent that from happening, I’m planning to add some silicone conformal coating on the Raspberry Pi.

My problem is that I’m not too sure where exactly to apply the conformal coating to on the RPi PCB. For example for the top side of the PCB, would everything except for the CPU, GPIO pins and camera slot be covered in the coating? As for the bottom side of the RPi, how would the SD card slot and SD card (if necessary) be coated (perhaps SD card inside the slot already and coat both the slot and the card). For the USB plugs on the side as well as all the IO plugs like display outs and audio jack’s insides have to be coated or just be plugged up somehow?

I haven’t been able to find much on this topic online and would really appreciate any help, thanks!

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