Cncjs 1.9.22 running on raspberry pi 4 desktop problem – Software / Firmware

yes it does connect to internet ,they told me they change something on the site and the script is not pointing anymore to the good place !
what the guy told me (raspbian Buster is indeed outdated. It’s now Bullseye. The dist-upgrade should help. Otherwise change your source file to oldstable instead.)

look the link i think last night they change something

they just told me (Edit your sources.list for testing and not stable, avoid putting the name of the release so it will remain in testing instead of possibly going stable, testing is more suitable for users in desktop mode.
Do not forget contrib and non-free if you use them otherwise doing without such repositories is desirable.
Then upgrade (dist-upgrade) then update (upgrade) as mentioned above.
If you want to have it easy you can try Diet pi but I still recommend you to learn Debian and how to do a command line install, there are just 5 major linux distributions (Arch, Debian, Gentoo, Red hat, Slackware) at Apart from these a handful are really worthy of interest and many will trap the user in a sphere of abusive simplification, there is a way to simplify without harming the learning curve of the user because knowing gives him the power to fish instead of depending on others and having to flee at the slightest change, so to personalize your system is to appropriate it.
Note that the unstable / sid branch of Debian is a rolling release like Arch if desired, but the stability will decrease as it decreases with testing.)

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