MIDI CC roundtrip – Digitone/Digitone Keys

I have my Digitone set up to sequence an Opsix (I guess I just like FM), while the Opsix keyboard also triggers the DN, via a MIDIHub.

I set the Opsix to local control off, so that MIDI notes only come from the DN – either from the sequencer, or a roundtrip through the DN when played live on the Opsix. However, Korg made an odd choice with regard to its local-off implementation: the operator controls are also considered “local” and disabled, making sound design less than ideal.

If Korg disables those knobs and faders in local off mode, they are presumably sending MIDI CCs, so what I think I need to do is to get the DN to listen to them and then roundtrip them back, just like I’m already doing with notes. I’m just not sure how I’d do that!

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