M4L Rhythm Composer by smaolab

M4L Rhythm Composer is an instinctive & creatice MIDI Beat Step Sequencer

Start with a blank sequence & create easily nice rhythmic percussions, drum lines, simple melodies, etc. in few minutes:

• Create modern sequences using the special WIZARD function, .

Morph patterns together, .

• Create Glitch effect, .

Remix your production in real time.

• Create groovy beat sequences using our special Roger LinDrum Swing mode.

Better than words, we propose you to test the plug in and tell us what you think.

• A fonctional DEMO is available here : smaolab.org/product/m4l-rhythm-composer-demo-version/

• If you want to see the plug-in in action, here is a teaser : {See video at top of page}

Dedicated plug-in page (details, videos tutorials, etc.) : smaolab.org/product/m4l-rhythm-composer/

We would like to thank our beta testers (Björn Kalkbrenner, Silvio Ecomo, Louis Levine & Chris Sharpe) who help us to bring this plug in beyond our first goals, we are really happy with the results and the different functions :).

We hope you will enjoy as we did to develop and use it.

Made with Max/MSP for Pluggo

Read more here: Source link