ubuntu – How to remove Busybox after uninstalling Linux

After trying out linux for a week, I decided to switch back to Windows because of the apps I use daily.

Yesterday I decided to completely reinstall windows for whatever reason, and I noticed the linux distro I was previously using was still an available boot option.

Something I think is noteworthy, is that I screwed up the distro installation; I was at the point of installation where you basically get a sandbox version of the distro to try stuff out. I was tyring to boot from my Windows flash drive and ended up there and so to cancel the installation, I decided to rebooted (not the smartest choice, I know now). I was sent into BusyBox as “initframs”. I don’t remember exactly but there was an error saying “Missing Modules: [module number].”

I managed to get out using reboot -f and here I am now.

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