Package request: manjaro-zsh-config, fonts-noto-sans-mono maybe too – #4 by linux-aarhus – Feature Request

I’m trying to achieve the same look & feel of the zsh prompt as in the standard desktop (not ARM) Manjaro KDE version. But the manjaro-zsh-config package is not available for ARM not in the standard repositories, nor in the AUR.

I manually transferred all the files from manjaro-zsh-config and nerd-fonts-noto-sans-mono packages installed in desktop Manjaro KDE to my Manjaro ARM running the KDE/Plasma, but the result is still not the same as in desktop version. Something is still missing.

Would it be possible to make the manjaro-zsh-config and maybe also the nerd-fonts-noto-sans-mono packages available in the ARM repositories?

Thx for considering.

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