[HowTo] make a crash-proof backup in Manjaro for your entire system – #51 by Fabby – Tutorials

The way I understand this tutorial, Timeshift is not that good for system backup. I don’t get why so many people recommend it to new users as a system backup tool.

When taking snapshots to USB took ages, it was even recommended to me that I store the snapshots on the SSD. Currently I’m depending on that.

I was planning to get a USB 3.1 external drive and just copy /home there every day. Concerning the system update, I think I’m going to use Clonezilla, if I can somehow select boot and root partitions.

It would be convenient to have a backup of the system, but if something bad happens, if I have a backup of /home, maybe the easier way would be to just reinstall Manjaro.

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