Dual boot with Windows 10 on a separate drive and Legacy/UEFI issues – #2 by jrichard326 – Installation & Boot

Hey everyone!
So, my setup is the following:

1HDD (sda) with Windows 10 installed in UEFI mode
1SSD (sdb) with Manjaro installed in legacy mode (99% sure).

I thought I installed Manjaro in UEFI mode, since during installation I created the EFI partiton, I have /boot/efi folder mounted, flagged as boot and esf; but apparently I haven’t.

It must be in legacy mode since:

  • when I do sudo efibootmgr -v in the terminal I get:
    EFI variables are not supported on this system.
  • I can’t find any /sys/firmware/efi folder in my system
  • If I disable CSM in BIOS settings I cannot boot from Manjaro.

So, my problem is that os-prober is unable to find the Windows drive, so I cannot dual boot with GRUB. This is due to the fact that I have the two systems installed one in legacy the other in UEFI mode, correct me if I’m wrong.

Now my question is, what is the best solution to this? Should I reinstall Windows 10 in BIOS/Legacy (GPT or MBR?) or reinstall Manjaro in UEFI mode (GPT or MBR and how do I do it?)?
The main OS is Manjaro, Windows is only used VERY seldom for some specific things, so I would like to have Manjaro as in the best configuration as possible.

I am not very fond of having UEFI, secure boot enabled and CSM disabled, but I am not an expert and maybe I’m wrong, but before reinstalling anything I would like to have some more information from you.

Thanks for your help!

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