Link drum pads on midi controller to Drum Machine? – Bitwig Forum

KaifengOut wrote:

Fri Oct 15, 2021 3:29 am

The normal keys on the keyboard part of my MIDI controller seem to trigger the Drum Machine chains just fine.

Drum Machine reacts to MIDI notes, just like any other instrument.

By default drum pads on MIDI controllers also generate MIDI notes.

So you probably need to change the octave you’re playing, to match notes sent by pads to notes of Drum Machine that have sounds in them.

On the left side of Drum machine you have a vertical column of drum pads. The light square will indicate at which octave(s) your sounds are. When you press a pad on your controller, something should light up there in yellow and it should tell you whether you need to transpose your controller up or down. Alternatively you can insert Note Pitch Shifter in front of Drum Machine (or put it in its Note FX slot – same thing) and do the transposition of incoming MIDI there.

Also, what’s the controller you are using? Perhaps it comes with some software that decides pad behaviour, e.g. maybe it can fix the notes they’re sending? or set the MIDI channel they’re being sent from?

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