KNIFONIUM synth released – Page 64 – Instruments Forum

This is a great sounding plugin, but I think the lag on some of the controls is a real problem that needs to be addressed. The pitch bend response is so slow it’s unusable. Mapping physical knobs to other controls (such as filter cutoff) shows they also have a delayed response, which means they don’t respond to automation as expected either.

There’s also an issue with the way envelopes are triggered. Try setting voices to 1, then play a legato phrase (overlapping notes). It’s retriggering the envelope not just when you play a key, but also when you release a key that was already held down. Surely this can’t be the intended behavior, because it sounds bad and broken (no other synth I’ve ever used does this).

I still like this plugin; I just find it frustrating and not very fun to noodle around with it because of these rough edges.

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