javascript – Integrate Selenium webdriver reports with a front end UI

I am a new comer to this place who just returned to study development area. As a support engineer, I am willing to develop some side projects to my company to build a personal portfolio and apply for development positions. When talking to my manager, he suggested that I could use Selenium webdriver to create automation for some support tasks and KPIs (for example, create a job which generates a monthly report containing some data like quantity of closed incidents per engineer and other relevant information).

However, as I am currently focused and interested in more commercial technologies like regular back/front end to develop products and tools, it seems to me that generate reports with scripts will not completely fit in my learning path, and because of this I had the ideia of creating a web UI (HTML/CSS/JS or UI5) integrated to this scripting from where the engineer/manager can set preferences/periodicity and generate the automatic reports by themselves without needing to running Selenium on their own. Do you have any suggestion about this possibility? I have googled for this information but could not find anything relevant so far about the integration.

I believe that the Selenium script will be developed in Java or Javascript as these are the two languages I feel more comfortable, but I have no ideia about the possibility of creating this front end UI to allow this idea to become a user friendly tool instead of a script only.

Thanks for reading this!

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