javascript – how to set gop size of vp8, video codec, in webrtc?

I’m using the video conference implementation source code using webrtc and nodejs.

I managed to set VP8 as codec for the video streaming using setCodecPreferences method as follows:

 rtcPeerConnection = new RTCPeerConnection(iceServers)
 const transceiver = rtcPeerConnection .addTransceiver('video');
const capabilities = RTCRtpSender.getCapabilities('video');
const { codecs } = capabilities;
codecs.forEach(codec => {
  if (codec.mimeType.toLowerCase() === 'video/vp8') {

However, I couldn’t find a way to set the GoP length, keyframe rate/s or number of inter-frame in GoP.

Any idea how to configure RTCPeerConnection so as to provide this setting?

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