Is this possible? Single MIDI trigger for playing midi – #3 by MrTopo – Cubase

I believe that the keyboard in the video is configured in a way that every key emits the same MIDI note message (which is then fed to a circuit that triggers — with every received message — a note or a chord (2 or more notes).

If you need to advance the notes in a melody (sequence containing only one note at a time), you could do the following in Cubase:

1. Add a Generic Remote device (Studio / Studio Setup)

screenshot 1

2. Match the MIDI input port of Generic Remote to the MIDI controller that you want to use (the controller equipped with pads).

screenshot 2

3. Create this correspondence:

screenshot 3

4. Open the key editor and add a note before the first one in the melody (and let it selected).

5.Make sure this button is on before tapping the pad.

RESULT: with every tap, a new note will get selected and — because acoustic feedback (the above button) is on, you’ll also hear the sound of the VSTi to which the track is routed to.

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