Is Serum worth cashing out for, when you get Vital for free? – Page 4 – Getting Started (AKA What is the best…?) Forum

Here’s an opinion that might not make me popular, as a wavetable player Pigments is better than Vital and Serum. I got Pigments a while ago, but haven’t really looked at the wavetable players until recently. When you play similar wavetables as for example sawforms from different analogue synths in Vital, they don’t sound that different and all have this distinct Vital sound. Serum is a lot better, the difference and character of the different wavetables were noticeable and similar to when played in Pigments, though they were richer and had even more character when played in Pigments

I tested different wavetables using only one at a time, and with only an envelope to modulate the position, no filters and no effects, and no detuning. Adding Pigments filters, which are amazing, and effects, the difference is even more in favour of Pigments. Pigments doesn’t have any wavetable editor, so at least Serum will still be useful for editing, and at least Vital sound different and is fun to use, so I’m not replacing any of them completely

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