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i love it as well.. the amout of oversampling can be insane to cover from gritty lofi to analog like audiorate maybe the best itb , on many plugins these modulation get noisy (aliasing) and or sound smoothed / filtered and not right.
now i wish he could add more filters..even if the drive and saturation can sound very analog the filters don t behave the same in all situation. anyway no big deal i don t use it for these sounds..even if it sound more quality analog than most plugins on audiorate osc modulation with the insane amount of oversampling and the non muffled dark muddy sound like on synth like diva

to cover audiorate osc modulation cleanly 16x oversampling is the minimum..and this one can upsample by 512 or 1024 i don t remember ( but i like grit and alaising as well.. but the aliasing that sound great cause i have control on it, not like for example on serum when i hear in the back grund noise it can maybe be as low as – 50 db tdunno but i s enought to loose a detailed sound ,and this cause it just have 4x oversampling so it can t handle audiorate modulation in analog way depending the amont of harmonics on the source and the one generated, it s good to have control on all this with all the quality and settings available depending the needs , it s sad that with many companies people that have good cpu are penalised.. cause these companies lower the cpu at the expense of sound to sell more , we can hear it in lot of plugins that the quality is compromised big times but lucky sometimes we don’t hear it much with cleaver programing and good ears i guess)

Msoundfactory is basically the same sound with way more fonctionality that are welcome when needed

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