How do I uninstall all Melda? – MeldaProduction Forum

I have a broken Melta install and I want to re-install v15. When I run the installer recently downloaded, It creates two Melda apps in my dock. One bounces and requires a “force quit” the other has “quit” but won’t quit and I have to use for force quit tool in macPOS.

Is there an easy way to uninstall everything Melda from the sytem so I can re-install? I searched the forum and saw reference to an uninstaller in /Applications/MeldaPoductions but all I see is a setup app and a setup.state file.

macPOS 10.14 old mac pro.

Otherwise I’ll just do a system search and delete everything I see that has melda in the file name. But a better more controlled solution would be preferable. thanks.

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