Help needed with comparing inputs using msg.topic – General

I have a system where there are 8 inlet pressure measurements from 8 different channels. In my system, I am trying to maintain the pressure in a range using hysteresis.

Here, I want the compressor to switch on even if one of 8 pressure measurement drop below a certain value (say 0.2 bar). But, I tried to connect the one output to the compressor from each input. Then realized that multiple inputs from my 8 channels are to be in a OR function to run the compressor even if one of the pressure channels are below pressure.

How can I separate the hysteresis output from each of the 8 channels to get an output turn on even if one of the pressure falls below?

I tried using msg.topic but I am making some mistake as I couldn’t compare the topics.

8 channels read pressure – 8 hysteresis loops for each channel – write the output (switch on) the compressor even when one value is below set point.

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