[unity3d smart tips] quickly find the game object with a script attached in the project

Unity Little science popularization

Old rules , Let me introduce you Unity A little knowledge of popular science :

  • Unity yes real time 3D Interactive content creation and operation platform .
  • Include Game development The fine arts Architecture Automobile design Movies All creators including , With the help of Unity Turn ideas into reality .
  • Unity The platform provides a complete set of software solutions , Can be used to create 、 Operate and realize any real-time interactive 2D and 3D Content , Support platforms include mobile phone The tablet PC Game consoles Augmented reality and Virtual reality device .
  • You can also simply put Unity Understood as a The game engine , It can be used for professional production game

Unity Learn little knowledge

Quickly find the game object to which a script is attached in the project

Method 1

stay Unity There is a method to quickly locate the object in the current scene where a script is mounted

You can directly right-click in the engineering interface Find References In Scene

This method is to find the game object in the current scene to which the script is attached
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Method 2

Enter the object to query in the search box of the hierarchy panel

In this way, you can also quickly find the object on which a script is mounted , It should be noted that only by entering the full name of the script can we retrieve !
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Method 3
Use the plug-in to quickly find the object in which a script is mounted in the project

There are only three scripts , Add it to the project

It’s easy to use , Just like the first method , Just use the methods provided in the plug-in

Directly find all game objects in the project that mount the script

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The download address of the plug-in is put here , It can be directly downloaded and put into the project , The first search will take a long time , It will follow soon !

Download address

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