Rivian User Experience powered by Unreal Engine. Director of UX Design shows a few features | Rivian Forums

For me it is 3 main features:
1. Text integration. Having the car read you your texts and being able to dictate replies is really nice and makes it so you aren’t tempted to touch the phone while driving
2. 3rd party navigation apps. If Rivian’s maps update for free and the navigation is on par with google maps / apple maps / waze for turn by turn directions and traffic notifications I won’t care about this one. But those are 2 big ifs.
3. Apple Music. My family has a subscription, so having streaming music for anything I want is great. That said, I can always use bluetooth on my phone for this if I want to. By far my lowest concern

There are a few other minor apps occasionally listen to while driving but bluetooth will definitely suffice for those.

None of these are deal breakers though

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