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musicdevelopments wrote:

Mon Sep 20, 2021 9:24 am

Hi Vanilla Puff,

thank you for your input! I have many plans for Syne, which indeed has great potential. Today v1.2 was released with an FM module, and fixes for several bugs reported recently. Not everyone has a bad opinion about the UI. It is natural to add modules and connect them, with a clean layout of the signal (I mean partials) flow.
Some people prefer having all the modules on the screen in a fixed layout and connecting them by cables, but IMO this results a huge mess.
I am not sure what you mean by “partial count increase” (some computers render more than 30,000 partials) and “reduced noise” (there is zero noise when sines are summed and no aliasing).


Thanks for your response!
I’m glad you are making big improvements and responding to stupid people like me.
The first thing I try to make with every new synth is a kick. And that’s where all my criticism stemmed from. UI is mainly subjective thing if it is fuctional. There are lot of routing aspects that I really missed.
The sound being completely void of any noise.. Well thats just not true. Playing a single partial in partial editor, yields, what sounds like an alias noise, at – 80 to – 70dB above 2k right up to nyquist frequency.
Thanks again for reading these.

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