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Winstontaneous wrote:

Mon Feb 01, 2021 12:06 am

IMO for Gibson USA in the last 20-30 years the only geetars not made for rich dentist hacks are the Les Paul Studio and the similar SG model. At least for a while the LP Studio had ebony fingerboard, maple top, good pickups and everything you’d want in a US Gibson, for well under $2K.

The only two Gibsons I have are an extremely heavy 96 Les Paul Studio and a 2002 SG Special Faded with the ebony fretboard + half moon inlays.

The weight difference between my LP and a newer LP Studio is incredible, it’s built like a tank. The maple top is basic but nice and the neck is fat, almost the same as my war-era LG-1. The original pickups are meh. The neck bucker is too boomy, the bridge bucker is too brittle. Tried a ton of different setups and strings, but nothing has seemed to really solve it. I have a JB+Jazz set I have in a box that I need to install. I currently string it with fat top, skinny bottom strings and it’s my heavy, drop-d tuning rock guitar.

The SG is the one I’ll never let go of. It’s seriously the most well-balanced, easiest playing guitar I’ve ever played. The neck is thinner, but not too thin. The frets were all flat and buzzy, so I had them Plek’d and with the ebony fretboard it makes chording up and down the neck effortless and in tune. It’s equally well suited for lead or rhythm guitar, and I just have so much fun with it.

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