Deploy VueJS App in a subdirectory (Webpack) / Ingrom

For Vue CLI 3 it is pretty simple.

Edit your vue.config.js (if there is none, create it in project root directory) and add following lines:

module.exports = {
  baseUrl: "./"

Or whatever sub-directory you want.

You may also decide according to NODE_ENV. See the docs.

module.exports = {
  baseUrl: process.env.NODE_ENV === 'production'
    ? '/production-sub-path/'
    : '/'


As mentioned in comments below, for Vue CLI 3.3+ use publicPath property instead of baseUrl.

If you installed your app with

npm install -g @vue/cli
vue ui

then you should create file vue.config.js in the top project folder (where package.json is)
and paste like above.

Read more here: Source link