debugging – How can I debug chromium in visual studio 2019?

The all.sln is a very big solution with all the Chromium source code as Visual C++ projects. It will make Visual Studio slow even on high end machine. So the recommended way to debug your Chromium fork is via a standalone Visual Studio project. You can follow the steps below:

  1. Open Visual Studio command prompt
  2. Navigate to your Chromium’s src folder from that CLI
  3. Open Visual Studio to debug your Chromium executable by typing the following devenv /DEBUGEXE "outYourBuildFolderchrome.exe"
  4. Press F5 to start debugging your source code.

Tip: If you want to start debugging by stopping at the entry point, you can right click that project and choose Debug -> Step into from the context menu.

You can use all.sln to edit the source code and yes you have to compile it again for the changes to take effect.

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