Settings Editor does not show changes made to Properties.xml – Discussion – Connect IQ


I’ve looked carefully for build output going to other directories. 

The old directories are gone and have not been coming back and the build output reliably goes to /bin under the correct project directories so I’m pretty sure that has been sorted out.

Also, as I said above, I can open the settings.json file and see the changed text that I expect to see in the Settings Editor but it does not appear in the Settings Editor.

I am now seeing that if I delete or add a field to Settings.xml and Properties.xml AND at the same time change the text I’ve ben trying to change in Properties.xml, the new text does appear in the Settings Editor.

I’m beginning to think that the Settings.xml file has to be changed for a change in Properties.xml to show up in the Settings Editor.

I’m using an entry in Properties.xml to put a header above some fields in the Settings Editor.

This line is in Properties.xml –  <property id=”coursesHeader” type=”string”>Define Courses</property>

This line is in Settings.xml –  <setting propertyKey=”@Properties.coursesHeader” title=”@Strings.spaces”>
<settingConfig type=”alphaNumeric” readonly=”true”></settingConfig></setting>

If I just change the text in the Properties.xml entry from Define Courses to something else…. the new text shows up in the settings.json file but the Settings Editor still shows Define Courses.

As I said, if I add or delete an entry in Settings.xml and in Properties.xml that is not related to the entries shown above, the text that replaced Define Courses appears in the Settings Editor as I’ve hoped for.

And, of course, there’s a new, related question:

Under what conditions do the Properties / Settings for an app get erased as the result of a change to the Properties / Settings files ?

In my test, adding a field erased all settings.

I don’t want that to happen to people who have the public app.


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