Re: musicXML: 2 staves, piano

On 9/24/21, 2:37 PM, "Ivanov Dmitry" <> wrote:

    On 21-09-24 20:33:05, Carl Sorensen wrote:
    >Why are your writing your own musicXML and then using xml2ly, instead of 
just writing in lilypond?
    I am writing software for harmonization and XML is a better language for
    computers to read then lilypond.
OK.  I'm not sure I agree, but that's a personal opinion.

I believe you are having the problem because you are misusing musicXML.  I 
think for the piano, you need to have two staves, one for the upper staff, and 
one for the lower staff.  Instead, you only have one staff, and use /backup 
(which I know was recommended on this list, but I think is not the correct way 
to do it.

Please see this link for an example of how piano music is stored in musicXML:

When I'm done looking at this example, it's very hard for me to see that 
musicXML is easier to deal with than lilypond syntax...

I hope this link will help you.


Read more here: Source link