Question about GetStats() API in peer_connection_interface.h


I have a cpp application that uses libwebrtc to create an SDP answer for an SDP offer coming from a chrome browser.

The cpp application streams video to the browser after establishing a peer to peer WebRTC connection.

I want to collect some metrics on the video quality what the client or the browser receives.

I realize that there is a RTPPeerConnection.getStats promise based JS api that gives that data.

But I want to collect the client/browser video qualify metrics from the cpp application.

I found this interface in libwebrtc/peer_connection_interface.h.

 // The spec-compliant GetStats() API. This correspond to the promise-based

  // version of getStats() in JavaScript. Implementation status is described in

  // api/stats/rtcstats_objects.h. For more details on stats, see spec:

  // TODO(hbos): Takes shared ownership, use rtc::scoped_refptr<> instead. This

  // requires stop overriding the current version in third party or making third

  // party calls explicit to avoid ambiguity during switch. Make the future

  // version abstract as soon as third party projects implement it.

  virtual void GetStats(RTCStatsCollectorCallback* callback) {}

The information provided by this interface is it same as the one provided by the browser RTCPeerConnection.getStats() JS API ?


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