php – RegEx: If second group in place, ignore condition

As always, I could not trick my brain into fully understanding regular expressions. And now, I am trying to create the regEx with conditions, like if second group matches then change the character quantity.

This is a set of values that SHOULD match the regEx:


But if there is the second group (after the “-“), the number or characters in first group must be exactly 6 and if there is no second group, the minimum number of chars in 1st group must be == 8 OR == 11 OR = 13, so these SHOULD NOT match:

12345-12345 // 5 + 5 chars
1234567-12345 // 7 + 5 chars
123456 // 6 chars
12345678901234 // >13 chars
1234567890 // 10 chars
123456789088 // 12 chars

This is what I came up with so far:


This will match most of the required, but will accept also forbidden versions, like:


The main question is how to differentiate groups conditionally and limit the max char number based if the group exists?

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P.S. And yes, this is meant to be used in PHP request validation (server-side);

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