[OFFICIAL] LineageOS 18.1 for the LG V20 | Page 20

Downloaded the latest Sept. 30th build this morning for h918, and it errored out, had to do a factory reset. Come to find out, it also replaced my TWRP with it’s own LineageOS recovery (thought I had that disabled). Was not expecting that, and it’s pretty clunky and awful. Not happy.

Edit: So I’m still using the Sept. 30th build and my phone really seems to be struggling to get location data, and my net speeds seem to be on the slow side. I have 1Gbps fiber, and typically get about 450 down on 5 Ghz, I’m pulling about 130 currently. In Google Maps, it puts me in the middle of the ocean, GPS errors in Pokemon Go and GasBuddy (which I use to find the cheapest fuel around me). Never had any issues like this until this build. I may go back to the one I had from about 2 weeks ago and see if my issues persist now; that one seemed perfectly fine then.

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