node.js – How to search array values in dynamoDB

I have data with status [‘available’, ‘pending’, ‘sold].
I’d like choose any of them(It can be one to three). and I want to search with that values.
Like for example if I choose [‘available’, ‘pending’], I want both items to show.

And my dynamoDB table Partition key is id but I create status-index key(global secondary index).

this is my code.
I’ve searched all over but cant find out how..
please help

async function getPetByStatus(status) {
    let statusValues = status
    let statusObject = {};
    let index = 0;
    statusValues.forEach(function(value) {
        let statusKey = ":statusvalue"+index;
        statusObject[statusKey.toString()] = value;
    const params = {
        TableName : "pet",
        IndexName: "status-index",
        FilterExpression : "status IN ("+Object.keys(statusObject).toString()+ ")",
        ExpressionAttributeValues : statusObject
    return await dynamo.scan(params).promise().then((response) => {
        return buildResponse(200, response);
    }, (err) => {
        console.error("Error", err);

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