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I am trying to capture failures on this page (attached image). Where you see the green OK it will be “FAIL.” However, the 3 lines that start with advocacy will FAIL but I need these to be ignored.

/^(?!.*Advocacy.*).*(FAIL)/ will catch this on a regex tester:

However, when I apply it to SiteScope, it fails.

So I try this: /(?!Advocacy.*).*(FAIL)/m and it catches the following bolded content:

Advocacy WS Ping <10 FAIL URL:

Advocacy WS URL <10 FAIL Advocacy URL:

Advocacy Target Service Web Service Ping <10 FAIL

BBDM End Point Ping <10 FAIL 

So the idea is I find FAIL before these lines, NOT in the 3 lines containing Advocacy, and any point after.

Thanks for your help!

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