Meyda is a Javascript audio feature extraction library.

A huge spate of changes, bear with me.

  • A whole new display site.
  • Using Three.js to implement a loose clone of Ge Wang’s sndpeek in Javascript with WebGL
    • It performs much better now, and is responsive
  • Modularised frontend code
  • Links to relevant resources

Future ideas:

  • Either
    • Remove the dependency on Browserify
    • Gulpify things (so that building and deploying the site isn’t such a performance)
  • Display Loudness and other features in sndpeek
  • Account for logarithmic spectrum
  • Grab documentation from the wiki on build, and then use JS to update on page load.

As it’s a ground-up rewrite, I doubt the ‘changed files’ view on GitHub will be useful, I’d recommend cloning the repo and browsing the code yourself. To run: python -m SimpleHTTPServer. When you update the code in src, you have to build the js with browserify: browserify -o main.js src/main.js. A nice gulpfile would be nice, preferably with a deploy to gh-pages task. I anticipate that this pull request will take some time to be digested and moved, and if there are any changes to be made I’d be happy to accept PRs to this branch prior to merging, particularly for the ‘logarithmic spectrum’ task, or gulpifying everything. I’m not sure why there’s a merge conflict,

Thumbs, please! @nevosegal @jakubfiala

Thanks to @JamesMilnerUK and @2xaa for helping! :sparkles:

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