How do I display my json result in html using jquery?

Using jQuery ajax I am obtaining a json result which I am trying to display in a paragraph element with the id txtResult using jQuery. Here is the .done section of my ajax call

     .done(function(result, textStatus, jqXHR) {


        if ( == "ok") {

and here is the json result as displayed in the console:

       countryCode: "IT"
       countryName: "Italy"
       distance: "0"
       languages: "it-IT,de-IT,fr-IT,sc,ca,co,sl"
    [[Prototype]]: Object
       code: "200"
       description: "success"
       name: "ok"
       returnedIn: "120 ms"
    [[Prototype]]: Object
    [[Prototype]]: Object

​I am obviously doing something wrong as, although the result is displayed in the console, nothing appears on the page. Can anyone set me straight?

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