C/C++ developer: Arduino signal capture and vizualization via video stream blending in a webcam driver wrapper (lie detector for webconferencing) for linux/mac/win

This is end result objective: irzu.org/research/linux-android/biological-authentication-system… However we are happy if any intern would be willing to try to do a prototype either in matlab, octave, scilab, processing, with possibly a js/node/xml data stream channel for live authentication. “OBS ninja”-like web service can be developed if there is interest. Moral rights are automatically preserved, commercial rights can be arranged/negotiated. Open source leadership is greately appreciated. Additinally intern in encouraged to deliver a scientific abstract to a forensic data conference such as ICFPAM, ICFFF, ICFPCS, ICSC, ICCPT, ICFST, ICJSILE. IRZU will cover costs of such publication.

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