Add template to match for RegEx in String Literals – New rules

I saw that there is a template that is able to match a RegEx for comments (javascript:S124). we would need something similar for String Literals, to be able to catch hardcoded userid’s in our JavaScript code. Here are some code examples that we would like to catch:

var user = ‘C123456’;
var user = ‘domainuserid’
if(user == ‘C123456’)

and here one RegEx from my Java Custom rule that should match for all 3 cases above:


any chance to get such a rule template added?

it could be used in many ways to catch unwanted strings that projects have in their code, for example:

it would even be interesting to see such a rule template for other languages as well. S124 is at least available for Java, JavaScript, TypeScript and Cobol

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