CentOS 7.2 has some questions to ask you when building the Apache environment

CentOS 7.2 normally input code when setting up Apache environment. No code similar to APR is installed here. Is this server not equipped with Apache alicloud server
This is all the code
What’s wrong with the word “start” when there is no ok at the end,There is no code like APR installed hereWhat does this sentence mean? The httpd you installed is Apache. In the official warehouse of CentOS, the Apache package is httpd,CentOS changed its service command from service to systemctl
If the service is started successfully with systemctl, there is no prompt
Only if the startup fails will you be prompted to read the log
Two documents are attached:
1. Centos7 build lamp environment:www.jb51.net/os/188488…
2. Systemctl usage:linux.cn/article-5926…

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