Blue in Green (Miles Davis) – Music Cafe Forum

Hi AngeloFusion,

Expression and elegance in this beautiful jazz standard by Miles Davis.

Despite being a pre-recorded and mixed backing track, I can personally perceive all the elements clearly without guitar overshadowing any instrument.

However that is only possible because all the elements of your performance, beautiful guitar tone, technique, vibrato and improvisation are outstanding, which makes for a very rich emotional balance that allows to hear everything in its place.

I maybe might suggest to darken the guitar tone a little bit to achieve a more intimate character. That could interactively improve the sound mix full picture.

BTW, I see (and listen) you use TH-U . That is great! I have used the entire TH series since TH-1 as I have been a beta tester, music demos and preset creator for years for Overloud and several of their amazing products. TH-U is light years ahead in quality and performance!

Thank you for adding a special touch to KVR music cafe with your contribution.


Session guitarist and music producer from Venezuela
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