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antic604 wrote:

Wed Sep 29, 2021 4:41 pm

horizon7 wrote:

Wed Sep 29, 2021 4:16 pm

Dragging point(s) horizontally will cause slippy movements over the vertical movement.
There are big difference between dragging horizontally & vertically I don’t know why.

Were there any changes in this recently?

I know that for quite some time for some devices dragging the automation points vertically felt like moving through a thick, sticky mud – is that what you’re referring to? If so, that was always limited to specific devices and their parameters.

My OS is Windows 10 this should be obvious to many users since BWS is compatible with Windows as 1st then Mac as 2nd.

illustrating this Again,
my issue occurs when dragging points horizontally which is slipping fast in comparison to vertical which slips more slowly. the Intensity of dragging in horizontal direction is way too much while it’s hard on vertical.

Current behavior is not like earlier versions like V3 where both horizontal & vertical are equal in intensity & both are smooth enough.

I don’t know way they change it this way, I contacted them before this version camed out & told them about this issue. they said they
will fix it by the next version.
But now they changed it in uncomfortable way.

Personally I’m using automation a lot & it’s important for me & for many of us, this is a handy grace from many DAW, & TBH it’s time to add more features such as (Shapes, LFO shapes more curves, Speed of shapes, Points Intensity, Inverting shapes horizontally & vertically).

Live eventually exceeded BWS in here & I’m thrilled to see these features in BWS.

I contacted them again recently.
I don’t have to make a pole for this improvement since it’s a small feature.

“please please BW if you are reading my post
I kindly asking you for returning back the old behavior, I’m not asking for more”

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