apache calcite – How to execute a LogicalTableModify node?

This question is a follow up on the StackOverflow answer that described how to create a LogicalTableModify node for DML operations: stackoverflow.com/a/45364366/13036362

I’m wondering what are the steps needed to execute a LogicalTableModify node on a JDBC data source. I’ve created a LogicalTableModify through the JdbcTable.toModificationRel method, but I’m not sure how to execute it.

Here is the code I’ve attempted, where I try to insert a row into a JDBC table and execute it using RelRunners.run:

RelNode values = relBuilder.values(rowType, "4", "D", "d@example.com").build();
TableModify modify = jdbcTable.toModificationRel(cluster, relOptTable, catalogReader, values , TableModify.Operation.INSERT, null, null, true);
PreparedStatement ps = RelRunners.run(modify);

I encountered a stack overflow error after running this piece of code due to NoneToBindableConverterRule rule being applied indefinitely. So I’m wondering what is the right way to execute LogicalTableModify. Thank you.

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