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Same thing. I’ve tried all the sizes that Tantra 2 will allow and all the Scaling options.

That may confirm my suspicions that Dmitry might have programmed it on Retina or HiDPI what ever you want to call it and did not test on other resolutions.

1920×1080 serves me very well here with the hundreds of other plugins I own and they all look perfectly fine so I don’t know why Tantra 2 looks so bad but it’s all but unusable here. I would think that 1920×1080 is still a pretty common resolution for desktops.

If we’re going to start seeing plugins that are “HiDPI” only then that’s fine I might be incentivized to upgrade but not for Tantra 2 because even if it was perfectly readable I find it drab, lifeless, and uninspiring in it’s color palette.

Again Style is very much a personal preference but to me Tantra 2 is simply a huge step backwards.

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