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antic604 wrote:

Fri Oct 15, 2021 5:50 am

Some (most?) DAWs support Ableton Link for syncing playback.

Some also support Rewire which offered much more, i.e. actuall routing of MIDI and audio, but the standard was deprecated by Props when Reason v11 was released and it will probably vanish soon (e.g. I believe Live 11 disabled it).

Bitwig was the first company to call it dead tech and not even bother implementing it all those years ago, seems they knew something we did not. Live 11 and DP11 both have disabled Rewire. In the case of DP11 a few people were experiencing hard crashes from rewire in a recent update. I can’t find a trace of Rewire on Reason Studios site anymore.

It sucks really, it’s one of those things that would have been great as a universal standard like MIDI, but being the property on Propellerheads it was deprecated as soon as they turned to VST/AU plug in support for Reason. Which is cool, but it’s not the same.

As someone who likes multiple DAWs, rewire was really handy, and you could see how powerful it could be with Reapers advanced rewire slave support. I could rewire Reaper to DP10 and use Reaper to record VST MPE instruments into it’s timeline while using DP for all the rest of a song etc. Live 10 introduced Push 2 as a control surface for Live as a slave to DP, Logic etc. It’s like as soon as it’s starting to get good, it’s taken from us.

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