Ways to make Wavetables for Hive?! – Page 6 – u-he Forum

Hive 2 has the cleanest wavetable morphing so when I want that I write an UHM even if I already have a sample-based wavetable. The other advantage is any UHM can output sample-based wavetables with arbitrary frames, so I can get the highest quality no matter which target synth it will be used on.

Of course there are more sample-based wavetables than UHM. Sample-based wavetables have been around for decades. And many of them were generated programmatically. Wavetables like Galbanum Architecture, which are used in many synthesizers, were created that way.

I don’t know what programming tools they used, but I used to use C before nicer languages with audio libraries came along. When xFer Serum came, the one-liner wavetable-generating function was very exciting but I easily hit its limitations. So when UHM was introduced with a great balance between musicality and power I haven’t used any other language since.

If I want to draw or make wavetables from samples then I use Phase Plant. It can automatically figure out where wave cycles meet and I can crossfade as little or as much as I want. There are a couple other tools also found in UHM (e.g., normalizing the whole table or per frame). But there are many wavetables that are very difficult, if not impossible to draw that I’ve been able to bring in to my other synths by generating the appropriately sized sample-based wavetables from UHM.

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