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There is a few minor (for developers, mostly) things about VST3 that doesn’t exist in VST2 – automatic sorting and ability to track and use the DAW track names. This is not relevant to Falcon in terms of it functions, of course, but this is the main reason why I personally use AU plugins in Ableton instead of VST. When I’m scanning VST2 folder it looks like complete mess in the DAW while AU and VST3 plugins perfectly sorted.

But, AU plugins in Ableton can’t send MIDI to other plugins. That’s why I wish that one day I can forget about AU and move to VST3 with all my favourite developers and don’t face restrictions like this.

aMUSEd wrote:

Fri Oct 15, 2021 1:25 pm

What would VST3 brings compare to VST2 for Falcon ?

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