The Zarb by Mad Hermes

Here we go with a brand new percussion.

First Zarb VST and samples ever is now here.

Zurkhaneh sport has special customs and traditions. Rituals and traditions that motivate or strengthen athletes by following the legendary heroes and heroines of the ancient periods, bravery and chivalry. These good qualities are sung by Morshed in the form of poems and stories in a melodic manner, accompanied by “Zarb Zarkhaneh”, which is the most important instrument of this type of music, to motivate athletes during sports. Athletes harmonize with the music and the instructor, and perform beautiful group or individual movements.

ZARB is an percussion instrument that is played in zurkhanehs. This instrument is one of the tools of Zurkhaneh. Morshid plays rhythms and sings poems with beats that played on zarb. Zurkhaneh athletes coordinate their movements with this rhythm.

Zarb’s sound is so much epic and has a majestic sound, It’s phenomenal for ثxciting movie scenes and fighting scenes in games.

it’s new and unique sounds are great for a totally new perc sound like never before.

The zarb is different from tonbak and is made from an pottery bowl similar to a vase and jar, and then the goat skin that is beaten on the bowl is used to play the beat. The Zarb weight varies from 10 to 20 kg. Zurkhaneh’s Zarb should be completely circular and any crack in it will ruin the sound of it. The method of peeling is as follows: first, after tanning, the skin is put in water, and after softening, it is put on the skin and the skin is pulled to tighten it. It is then glued to the sides using a razor blade and fastened with a cloth or crank.

Only a few players(morsheds) can play it professionally in the world.sounds for this project is performed by one of the best morsheds in the world.

This bundle includes zarbs vst, and the sample pack.

sample pack includes one shots, loops, phrases and designed tracks.

Made with Maize Sampler

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