Stop Sound Forge Pro 14 opening new instance of itself each time I click on an audio file – Hosts & Applications (Sequencers, DAWs, Audio Editors, etc.) Forum

I have just done a fresh install of Sound Forge Pro V14 on windows 10 on a new hard drive.

Previously, when I had it open and double clicked on a supported media file inside windows file explorer, it was opened as a new tab/file inside the already open Sound Forge.

But now, each time I double click on a media file, a new instance of Sound Forge opens instead,
so if I say click on 5 media files, then 5 instancies of Sound Forge will open.

I have looked at all the preferencies and could not see anything related and even if there was I do not see why SF would suddenly start this behaviour.

I have also googled but found nothing related.

How can I stop this and have Sound Forge go back to how it was before the reinstall?

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