Sonic Charge Cyclone – Free tx16w/Typhoon sampler – Page 4 – Instruments Forum

A couple of tips for using Cyclone in Reaper.

1. Save the “Blank.fxp” preset as the default, via the “+” button in the reaper plugin window.

Doing this means Cyclone will instantiate instantly, ie without having to wait a whole 10 or so seconds for Typhoon to load.

2. In the FX browser window, right click on the entry for Cyclone, and tick/turn on the “save minimal undo states” and “avoid loading undo states when possible”

Because Cyclone saves the entire state of the plugin, this can cause it to use more CPU than it should, IF the above two options are unchecked/turned off.

3. Cyclone has around 3-4ms of latency. Same as the hardware.
Back in the day, real men just dealt with it.

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