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Atlatnesiti wrote:

Fri Sep 24, 2021 11:19 am

Rubbish, sorry, but I’ve never encountered any issues you’ve mentioned.

Over the last approx 3 years I’ve experienced every single one of FMR’s issues too. The updates which don’t exist. The programs that won’t complete their install. The manual updates which don’t make the update notifications go away, and clean reinstalls which don’t solve anything either.

And a small word of warning for those clean installing / reinstalling: If you install any add-on presets, before first launching any of the Legendary series VST’s, RCM will wipe the plugin’s default presets! Thanks to the person who posted about this bug a few months back (not sure if this thread or elsewhere), as it meant I knew what had happened recently. (Meaning the bug still hasn’t been fixed.. )

I now don’t let RCM launch, except to auth things when it complains. It still takes more than 20 secs for Zenology to initially launch for me, even if I let RCM run in the background. IMO that’s unacceptable performance. Otherwise, my experience with Roland’s plugins has been mostly ok. But I don’t think problems with RCM are an uncommon experience, unfortunately.

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