Nest : replaying the connections ? – Sugar Bytes Forum

Tj Shredder wrote:

Sun Oct 10, 2021 7:10 pm

On screen capture to remember what you did and the resulting Midi if you feed it into a Midi track to record and if the Midi drives a synth you can record the audio into an audio track… To playback the Midi track, you don‘t need Nest anymore btw…”

I haven’t yet explored the MIDI option. I figured for the time being that it was for sending notes to a drum kit like MODO Drums or such.

But the idea is to record the ‘playing’ of Nest as one can easily record the playing on a keyboard. With a keyboard the hands move and the notes they hit are recorded. On Nest the hands would move to move a mouse to make connections.

Tangerine Dream, for one, used to do that in concert. One musician would take a wire from a synth and plug it elsewhere and that would change the music being produced in some aspect.

Tj Shredder wrote: I doubt that recording patching will be possible. Sounds extremely complicated to implement. You would need a automatable switch for every f**king possible connection, which could go into thousands if not millions…

Well, SB already has the object to encapsulate everything that matters. That object is used for Undo/Redo.

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