MTuner Crashes Reaper Project – MeldaProduction Forum

After troubleshooting trying to figure out why a project wouldn’t load, I figured out it was MTuner causing the crash. Once I uninstalled MTuner the project loaded up fine. So if I add MTuner to a track and use it it’s fine but after I save and close the project, when I go back to open that project again it crashes at the Reaper loading screen. I have been able to replicate this issue multiple times to make sure it’s what caused the crash. Does anyone know anything about this, what might be causing it, or how to fix it? TIA

Edit: I tried creating a brand new Reaper project, created one vst instrument track, made a quick 4 bar loop with a few notes, went to add MTuner and it crashed immediately. It’s now worse than it was before. Tried MAnalyzer and the same thing happened. Gonna try another full uninstall and reinstall with full clean but I don’t have much hope that it will fix it.

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