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Yes, sample and bit rate: the Weiss DS is operating in 96kHz 40bit. Kotelnikov in precision mode is even higher in resolution, so factually the Weiss DS is inferior in sound quality. This is just the facts, without any personal opinion.

But this discussion has reached the point where you are rigidly trying to win a non-existing dispute, this is not international politics mate, we are talking about audio plugins after all, which for you most likely is just a hobby, so why so bitter?

Just because the parameter ranges in Kotelnikov are not identical to the Weiss, doesn’t make Kotelnikov inferior. In fact: the parameter ranges in Kotelnikov are very cleverly chosen by the developers. My goal is not to null Weiss with Kotelnikov, as I consider Kotelnikov (GE) superior to the Weiss.

Congratulations: you made a screenshot of a description of Kotelnikov using the term “topology”! Sorry, I can’t find the facepalm emoji.

By the way: I never mentioned “old tech”, I referred to early generation, old DSP code. You are comparing apples with oranges, by saying that me comparing first generation audio DSP with current audio DSP is equivalent to suggesting that there is no room for analog gear like the LA2A, which is of course absurd. Again: yes, you can compare computer code performing a specific task from 25 years ago (Weiss and it’s port) to a recent computer code doing the same task and come to the conclusion that the recent program does it better. Imagine a 25 year old early audio DSP days code would outperform modern audio DSP – wouldn’t that practically mean that there has been absolutely no evolution in audio technology for the last quarter century? Because this is essentially what you are suggesting at the core of your argument!

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