Husserl2 by Yofiel – Synth (analogue synthesis on a digital platform) Plugin Rack Extension ReWire

A 32-voice complex waveset synthesizer with 5D filter,
internal 28×35 modulation matrix, and more

with standalone and ReWire drivers:

  • Fully Compiled 64-bit Audio Path, carefully optimized for performance without sacrificing quality.

  • Open Source distribution in Cycling74 Max8, if you wish to change it in any way. sacrificing quality.

  • Up to 32 voices with custom LRU voice allocator; base CPU usage ~10%, +1% per playing voice, on 4GHz i7 @44.1kHz sample rate with Windows10 DirectX drivers.

  • 2 Oscillators each with EPTR antialiased square/pulse, EPTR antialiased saw/triangle, + 44 dual-axis spline-interpolated wavesets; contour, phase, ring, and freqg modulation; gate/osc sync.
  • ‘5d’ SVF Filter with variable Fc, resonance, 0/2/4 pole mix, LP/BP/HP mix, and 4x-oversampled saturation.
  • Compressor and limiter with polyphonic and monophonic modes.
  • Internal Modulation Matrix with 28 modulation destinations and 35 sources including:
    • 3 ADSR Envelopes with graphical control of velocity shaping.
    • 3 LFOs: two polyphonic, one monophonic linked to mod wheel; sine/double-sine, square/pulse, saw/tri, stepped, and random with contour shaping, freq mod, amp mod, and sync.
    • Sample and Hold with trigger-level control.
    • XY Pad to mix up to four modulation sources to any modulation destination.
    • 120 Mapped MIDI Controllers, plus bend, modwheel + LFO, note pitch, velocity, and #notes.
  • 50 Microtuning Tables.
  • Preset Manager with simple button controls, preset naming, and bank load/save.
  • Lots of Demo Presets. Notes may be stored and recalled with presets too.
  • MIDI file player built in, with channel selection.
  • MIDI I/O: note on/off, MIDI clock, program change, pitch bend, all 90 panel controls, and standard MIDI controllers such as pedals, etc.
  • Optimized Graphical Display of oscillator waveforms, filter settings, audio waveform, and modulation values for most recent voice.
  • Resizable Panel. Zoom in or out as much as you like. Synth reopens the way you closed it.
  • Interactive Help built in for wavesets, filter characteristics, microtuning tables, and with complete description of all panel controls.

There’s some youtube videos on the page of it playing, if you can be patient enough for a couple of seconds before they get going.

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